My Before & After Portfolio

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Before: Škoda Kamiq, A Fantastic All-Rounder After: Škoda Kamiq, A Fantastic All-Rounder
Škoda Kamiq, A Fantastic All-Rounder. Retouching the exterior (and a bit of the interior, of course) of the car, the natural integration of the car into the surrounding space. Exposure blending, masking, background replacement, color correction, overall retouching, etc.
Before: Cologne Cathedral, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany After: Cologne Cathedral, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Architecture retouching. Cologne Cathedral, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Thoroughly using the clipping path for all of the details of the Cathedral, so that it is possible to qualitatively replace the sky background. The main parts of the work done: exposure blending, masking, sky (background) replacement, color correction, overall retouching.
Before: Suitcase, E-Commerce Retouching After: Suitcase, E-Commerce Retouching
Suitcase E-Commerce Retouching. Geometry changes, handle replacements, dent removal, color manipulation, and other product improvements.
Before photo editing After photo editing
Kamikoto #creative: shown here are only a small number of images of all that I have prepared for this wonderful company. The task was to find and buy suitable backgrounds and to do a realistic product retouching and integration of the company's products into these backgrounds. Were prepared images for the holidays: Boxing Week, Japan's National Foundation Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day.
Before retouching After retouching
E-commerce products retouching: Classique Intense. One of the iconic fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier. Image composition and improvements, product shaping, color correction. Careful work with textures, lighting, shadows, product shape, removal of all imperfections.
Before retouching After retouching
E-commerce cosmetic product retouching: Volume Glamour Push Up Black Serum. Luxurious volumizing mascara from Bourjois. Image composition and improvements, product shaping, color correction, etc.
Before: Beauty retouching After: Beauty retouching
Natural beauty retouching. Careful work was done: changing the shape of the face, removing skin imperfections, detailed work on the eyes, skin, lips, changing the background, skin color correction, beauty retouching and overall color correction.
Before: Retouching for Škoda Auto After: Retouching for Škoda Auto
The task was: remove the «rig» attached to the Skoda Rapid (the arm on which the camera is mounted when photographing the car while driving). Also, obviously, additional retouching and removal of all imperfections from the photo was necessary. Restoration of the texture of the bridge, lighting, glares and shadows. Which was successfully done.
Before After
One of my works for IKEA AB (Sweden): The yellow sofa was exchanged to the brown one; the oak effect on the cabinet frame in the background exchanged to the white colored texture; all the color corrections; shadows re-created; all the imperfections removed; image manipulation / compositing; etc.
Before After
High-end retouching: Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Cabriolet interior. In addition to the Pink Lady Edition interior, I decided to do something more rigorous (and still more interesting than the booooring classic Mercedes interior): a Dark Knight Edition!
Before retouching After retouching
Perfume ecommerce product retouching: Especially ESCADA. Perfume by Jean-Michel Duriez. Image composition and improvements, product shaping, color correction and many other significant improvements to this image.
Before: Mercedes Maybach After: Mercedes Maybach S 650 Cabriolet: Pink Lady Edition
High-end retouching. Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Cabriolet: Update boring car interior to bright Pink Lady Edition. Replacing the background, repainting the interior of the car, working with shadows and lighting etc.
Before After
Photo retouching: background replacement with a new one, removing unwanted interior elements, revitalizing a plant, working with shadows / reflections / light, color correction. Like all my works - this one was created using layer masks, clear cut (deep etching) and adjustments layers.
Before retouching After retouching
Powder by Guerlain. Cosmetic products retouching: Meteorites Heart Shape Strobing Palette. Image composition and improvements, product shaping, color correction, etc.
Before After
Very interesting task for KAYA Sleep, Inc.: changing the shape and position of the thrown sheet, correcting the shape of the mattress (especially the corners) and pillows, natural color correction. Also, at the request of the client, were made: an image version with a visible ceiling (portrait orientation, for mobile devices) and an extended version with a window in a elongated room (landscape orientation, for desktops).
Before photo editing After photo editing
Photo retouching: removing unwanted objects from the photo. Black and white color correction.